H2O carries only top quality pure spring waters—not filtered tap water, like much of the water available at stores.

  • The purity of the spring waters we carry is constantly tested and verified, and you can see the reports for yourself at Callaway Blue’s websites.
  • Not only is our bottled spring water pure, it’s delicious!
  • We sterilize and reuse, then recycle our bottles, reducing environmental impact.
  • Our water is affordable, and our delivery is free.

All Bottled Water Is Not Created Equal

By Jack Lawrence

I have been in the pure water business for more than 30 years, having founded H2O Technologies, a distributor of pure bottled water and water filtration systems, in Gulf Breeze, Florida, in 1981. I wanted to address some misconceptions about bottled water that many people seem to have, especially the idea that bottled water is not regulated as well as tap water. In fact, the FDA regulates bottled water as a food product, and the standards of quality set by the FDA must be as protective of the public health as the standards set by the EPA for tap water. Now of course, bottled water quality varies widely, and some of the water you buy at a store is in fact filtered tap water (although they are filtered by sophisticated filtration systems that are monitored hourly).

However, the bottled water I deliver to hundreds of families and businesses in Escambia, Santa Rosa, Walton, and Okaloosa counties is pure, and I can prove it. Our most popular water, Callaway Blue, comes from natural springs in Georgia that have been protected since 1931. The water is bottled at the source from underwater caves and flows through a sealed delivery system to their 25,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art bottling plant. The water is incredibly pure at the source and is protected from contamination by animals or chemicals in groundwater due to its unique setting in deep caves lined with quartzite, a rock that keeps the total dissolved solids (TDS) level very low. This water is kept in its pristine condition through three levels of micron filtration before going into sterile bottles. Each batch is tested in house, and results are verified weekly by independent labs. Visit their website,, select “Pure Spring Water” and then “Water Analysis” to review the latest report and see for yourself.

Another misconception is that bottled water is not environmentally friendly. That idea may have some merit if you are talking about the individual plastic bottles you get from a store, or even individual plastic jugs. A much better option is delivery of 5-gallon plastic bottles, three of which can serve the average family of four for a month. These bottles are picked up, returned to the bottler, sterilized, and reused so that waste is minimized. This is a very environmentally friendly choice.

And last but not least, many people believe home delivery of bottled water is expensive and a hassle. This does not have to be the case, especially if you deal with a local company that is committed to providing good value and excellent service. For example, the Callaway Blue water I described above would cost the average family of four less than a dollar a day. Plus, you may find that, when your water tastes delicious, you drink more water and fewer other drinks, perhaps saving even more money. And how easy is it to have pure water delivered to your door each month, automatically? You can even choose the smaller 3-gallon bottles that are easier to load onto the dispenser.

As the owner of Pensacola’s only locally owned water filtration and pure bottled water supplier, I urge you to choose your water supply carefully. Think before you drink, and if you are at all concerned about your water quality, consult a professional and consider truly pure bottled water as an option.