Why should you choose H2O to provide clean water for you?

We're local

H2O is the only locally owned water distributor in our area. We employ local people, pay local taxes, and support local charities and community organizations.

We have decades of experience.

We've been in business for over 30 years. Our team has a combined 100 years of experience in bottled water and more than 20 years' experience in water filtration systems; our drivers have been with us for an average of 9 years.

We know the particular challenges of our local water, and carry only filtration systems that are designed to handle those challenges.

Our service is superior.

We respond to you quickly and efficiently-when you call us, you get a real person who is here in the area and can help you right away. Our office, delivery, and tech staff get to know you and your needs.

We aren't going anywhere. I get calls all the time from people who were sold filtration systems from out-of-state companies or pop-up businesses that have since disappeared, and they can't get service. We often find they were over-sold, or sold the wrong equipment for our area. We have been in business in Northwest Florida for 30 years, and we guarantee lifetime service on our filtration systems.

As a distributor, we are able to carry a selection of products to meet individual and business needs. We're not locked in to a particular source, and we have the flexibility to change suppliers when necessary to get a better product or better price.

Great Taste and Peace of Mind in Every Glass

You can tell pure water the minute you taste it. We carry two of the best quality pure spring waters in the country: Callaway Blue Spring Water from Pine Mountain, GA; and Nantze Drinking Water from a natural spring in Arlington, GA. Enjoy that fresh-from-the-spring taste and relax, knowing that this water is good for your health.

Our price is excellent.

Whatever you need, we have your clean water solution. If you want bottled spring water for home or business delivery, we carry three of the best quality pure spring waters in the country. If you want a drinking water filter or a whole house system, we offer a range of filtration products for every budget.

We're affordable.

An average family of four can get home delivery of pure spring water for less than $1/day. We offer a variety of water filtration options, including moderately priced systems, and our lifetime service will save you money in the long run.