Water Filter Coolers

Water filter coolers are also known as "bottle-less coolers." While drinking pure spring water is the best choice for your health, filter coolers are an option for families or companies who want better quality drinking water but don't have the room, time, or energy to deal with bottled water delivery.

H2O offers several models of stylish water filter coolers that hook up directly to the water line in your home or office and filter your tap water. Service is included in the low monthly rental: we maintain and sanitize your cooler, so you don't have to do a thing except enjoy hot, cold, or room-temperature filtered water at the touch of a button.

You can choose from two types of water filtration:

. Carbon filters, which remove chlorine, lead, odors and odd tastes from your tap water
. Reverse osmosis filters, which add a membrane to a carbon filter to remove mineral-based contaminants such as radium, arsenic, iron, fluoride, salt, etc. from your drinking water*

There are many benefits of water filter coolers:

. Hook directly into your water line
. No need to coordinate bottled water delivery or store water bottles
. You don't have to lift heavy water bottles
. Can provide cold, hot, and room-temperature water
. Have modern, sleek design to take up less room in your office or kitchen

H2O proudly carries top-quality Oasis water filter coolers. We offer both the Kalix Series and the Aquabar II Series of filter cooler. Both have modern, stylish cabinets and hot, cold, and room-temperature buttons.

If you want clean drinking water without bottled water delivery, H2O's water filter coolers are the perfect choice for you. H2O is the only locally owned water service company in Northwest Florida and we are dedicated to providing superior, personal customer service. Call us today at 850-932-8400 or 1-800-441-3374 to discuss how we can best meet your drinking water needs.

Call us today at 850-932-8400 or 1-800-441-3374 to discuss how we can best meet your drinking water needs.

See more details on the excellent water filter coolers we offer: water filter coolers brochure View Our Flyer

*Filtration will remove many, but not all, contaminants from your tap water. If you want truly pure drinking water, we recommend traditional bottled water service with our bottled spring waters