Home Water Filters

home water filters
Utility Water

Consumer concerns fall into 2 categories regarding filtration of their Utility Water.

Pensacola H2O removes high chlorine levels

1. High Chlorine levels are obnoxious because of its smell, its taste, its drying characteristics on your hair and skin; and more and more evidence that long term exposure to Chlorine is harmful.

REMOVAL - Our most effective way of dealing with chlorine is a point of entry (POE) carbon filter. Sized and designed to provide chlorine removal with no water pressure loss throughout your entire house. Valve maintenance on a 12 month schedule and media replacement every 5 years.

Pensacola H2O uses Reverse Osmosis units to remove contaminants

2. More and more local tap water utilities are finding problems with contaminants. Salt, Radium, Hydrocarbons, Lead. The addition of Fluoride.

REMOVAL - Reverse Osmosis units, teamed with Carbon Filtration, are installed under your sink. Removing 92 to 96% of all contaminants. Point of Use (POU) units are designed to install under your sinks and are serviced on a 12 month schedule.

REMEMBER - People will tell you that you are only getting "parts per million" of a particular contaminant. When they add fluoride to water to help children with their teeth they add "one part per million".

Well Water Products

Consumer concerns fall into 3 categories regarding filtration of their Well Water.

Pensacola H2O can neutralize tanks raising the PH

1. Low PH - Water below 6.5 is acidic. Eventually corroding copper lines and plumbing fixtures.

SOLUTION - Neutralizing tanks similar to our POE carbon filters are filled with media that slowly dissolves, raising the PH.

Pensacola H2O can install Iron removing filter

2.Iron - Causing bad taste, staining.

SOLUTION - Iron removing filters. Different technologies are used depending of quantity of iron and water usage. We can fit the best technology to your needs.

Pensacola H2O can us Ultraviolet chambers to sanitize water and remove bacteria

3. Bacteria - Causing health concerns.

SOLUTION - Ultraviolet (UV) chamber. High intensity UV bulbs that your water passes around and is sanitized.

WH Water Softener (salt required)

Water softeners can provide soft water

Recommended for 10 GPG of hardness and above. Requires salt on a monthly bases and scheduled yearly maintenance. Provides soft water by exchanging hard calcium and magnesium ions with sodium ions and creating a slick slippery feeling for less water usage and better rinsing.

WH Water Softener (non-salt)

Pensacola H2O has water softeners that do not require salt

Recommended for 10 GPG of hardness and above. Does not require salt nor yearly maintenance, requires media exchange every 5 years. Chemically bonds magnesium and calcium ions to form non adhesive crystals that don’t create lime scale buildup nor give a slick slippery feeling.