Coffee & Tea Service

The Perfect Brew: A truly exceptional coffee service

Coffee ServiceCall us at 932-8400 for a free trial -- let us treat you to a week's worth of free, delicious gourmet coffee and tea in your office! We will bring everything out and give a demonstration, then leave it for your staff to enjoy for a week, with no obligation. (Certain restrictions apply.)

Innovative Single-Serve Brewer Produces Gold Cup Standard Coffee

If your company is looking for a really good cup of coffee or tea, let us show you how to make the perfect brew. H2O proudly presents our new coffee delivery service, featuring a technologically advanced single-serve brewer that is one of just a few in our area to provide Gold Cup Standard coffee (even that famous coffee shop chain doesn’t make Gold Cup Standard coffee). Your office will have delicious single-serve coffee that tastes fantastic, making your employees, clients, and customers happy. No more bland coffee. No more wasted time going to the coffee shop!

Easy to Use, Amazing Variety: Get Exactly the Kind of Coffee or Tea You Love

The Perfect Brew is not only delicious, it's easy! We deliver the coffee brewing machine to you and set it up wherever you prefer-- attaching it either to a water line or to a bottle of spring water. Each week, we deliver the coffee you want, and any supplies you request. Delivery is free. We will clean and maintain the brewer. If it breaks, we fix or replace it at no charge. And it's extremely simple to operate -- just put in the pod of coffee, place your cup, and select the button for the strength of brew you want. Conveniently, it fits standard size travel mugs as well as regular coffee cups.

This system puts the "service" in "coffee service" -- you will be able to get just what kind of coffee you want. Not only can you choose from a variety of flavors, such as French Roast, Donut Shop, Colombian, Breakfast Blend, and Decaf, but you can also select a brewing strength: mild, medium, bold, or espresso. Or, choose iced coffee, tea (we offer a selection of blends, including English Breakfast and green tea), or hot water. You can also add an optional system that produces cappuccino, mocha, caffe latte, and hot chocolate. You won't find another office coffee service like this.

Why Is The Perfect Brew So Good?

To make a Gold Cup Standard cup of coffee -- a truly excellent cup that tastes far better than any other commercial brewer or coffee shop -- you must have a high quality brewer and very fresh coffee. The Perfect Brew offers both. Our innovative single-serve brewer is designed to heat the water to the right temperature, then pulse and steep the coffee for just the right length of time to allow for optimum flavor development. The coffee we provide is roasted to perfection, then packaged in nitrogen immediately after grinding to prevent loss of flavor through exposure to air. (The coffee that comes in single-serve metal cups, by comparison, is purposely spoiled for three days after grinding, to prevent exploding in the cup due to outgassing.) When you combine a top-quality coffee brewer with the freshest possible gourmet coffee, you get The Perfect Brew. Call us today for a free week's trial of our coffee delivery service in your office and see for yourself what makes The Perfect Brew so special!

The Perfect Brew Is Perfect for You

Delicious, Easy, and the Best Choice for Your Office Coffee Service:
  • AMAZING VARIETY: Choose from multiple flavors of coffee and tea (such as Donut Shop, French Roast, Colombian, Breakfast Blend, and Decaf; English Breakfast and green) AND brewing strengths (mild, medium, bold, espresso) AS WELL AS the option of iced coffee, tea, or hot water. Can add capability for cappuccino, mocha, caffe latte, hot chocolate.
  • TOP QUALITY: Brewing machine is designed for Gold Cup Standard coffee; it is sleek, sturdy, and quiet. The coffee is very fresh, packed in nitrogen immediately after roasting. The brewer heats water to the perfect temperature, then pulses and steeps the coffee to deliver maximum flavor. Because the brewer steeps, rather than drips, tea is also much more flavorful than with other systems.
  • EASY: The single-serve brewer is extremely simple to operate. We hook it up to a water line or spring water bottle, and clean and service it. Coffee is delivered to your door each week, as well as any office coffee supplies you request, such as cups, sugar, and creamer. Office coffee delivery is free.
  • BETTER than K-cup systems: fresher coffee, less expensive, not subject to theft, biodegradeable
  • BETTER than standard carafe brewers: no wasted or burned coffee, no pots to wash, no messy grinds
  • BETTER than other commercial coffee services: H2O is locally owned and has been in business for decades; we offer personal service and the best possible product. We're not just a coffee service company -- we provide bottled spring water and water filtration products as well, so we can meet your office water needs and provide the purest water for your office coffee service.

H2O Is Perfect for You, Too

H2O has been the area's only locally owned spring water and water filtration services provider since 1981. We carry only the best spring waters and water filtration products. We've been searching for an office coffee service that reflected our dedication to exceptional quality, and now we've finally found it. The Perfect Brew matches the ease of single-serve brewing with the amazing flavor of Gold Standard Cup coffee. For further convenience, we can deliver your bottled water at the same time as your coffee and tea, combining those beverage services.

And as a locally owned business, we provide superior, personalized customer service. Our delivery team has been with us for years, and your dedicated delivery person will get to know you and your office's preferences. We are committed to building long-term business relationships and will meet all of your needs to the best of our ability. Call us today to begin enjoying the benefits of your perfect office coffee service: The Perfect Brew.