Bottled Water Pricing

H2O offers pure bottled spring water at affordable prices for free delivery to your door. Our bottled water prices are very competitive, and as the only locally owned bottled water company in the area, we provide superior personal service to our customers.

Pricing is the same for home water delivery and office water delivery, but special pricing plans may be available for large quantities; please call us at 850-932-8400 to discuss.

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Bottled Spring Water Pricing

We have a variety of pure bottled spring water products, including Nantze Springs Drinking Water, and Callaway Blue Spring Water. These delicious spring waters come in various sizes, including half-liter, gallon, 3-gallon, and 5-gallon bottles. We also sell Callaway Blue Spring Water in individual bottles.

We also offer 3-gallon bottles for easier lifting; these start at $5.95 per bottle.

Bottled Water Dispenser Pricing

Our top-quality Oasis bottled water dispensers are available for rent or purchase. We have several styles to choose from, and rental rates range from $3 to $9 a month. Purchase prices range from $95 to $295. We also offer a manual pump for $29.95.

Free Water Delivery

We do not charge a delivery fee.

Other Products

We offer personalized bottled water to help promote your business, organization, or special event. We can take your artwork, message, organization logo—whatever you want—and design a custom label. Our private label bottled water is usually a 16.9 oz bottle; however, custom sizes are available.

At H2O, we pride ourselves on our personalized service, and are happy to offer private label bottled water as one of the services that sets us apart from the competition. You will find our prices reasonable and our service unsurpassed! Costs are based on quantity, and there is a one-time set-up charge. When your order is ready, we will deliver it to you at no charge!

Storage crates for your water bottles and cups/cup dispensers are also available.

Package pricing does not save you money

Other bottled water distributors may advertise “budget” package pricing, where you pay for a certain number of water bottles a month and get “free” water cooler rental. This may seem like a good deal, but if you compare numbers, you will find that H2O’s bottled water service actually costs less, plus you get better quality bottled water and better service. We offer a variety of pure spring water products to fit all budgets, we don’t charge a water delivery fee, and since we are a locally owned company, you get truly personal service.

Another drawback to package pricing is that when you commit to their service agreement, you receive the same number of water bottles each month and don’t have the flexibility to change your quantity as your needs change. For example, if you have the 4-bottles-a-month plan, but one month you only use two, you are still charged the same price. Also, you are not able to get additional water bottles delivered if you need more.

You may also be charged a cancellation fee.

Other Company’s Package Pricing for Bottled Water Home Delivery

4 5-gallon bottles: $34.96*

* Plus variable energy surcharge each billing period that ranges based on fuel prices.

For August 2016, it was $2.10. Monthly total: $37.06 plus sales tax

H2O Flexible Pricing for Bottled Water Home Delivery

Nantze Springs Drinking Water*; $7.19 per 5-gallon bottle

4 5-gallon bottles: $28.76

Monthly cooler rental: $6.00

Monthly total: $34.76 plus sales tax

*(This is the closest water we have to what our competitor offers.)

And of course, when you choose H2O, you choose to buy local. We are Northwest Florida’s only locally owned bottled water company. We have been headquartered in Gulf Breeze, Florida since 1981 and are committed to the local community. When you call H2O to place your customized bottled water order, you speak to a live person who is here in town. Each month, as your needs change, we will accommodate you. H2O dedicated to providing superior customer service to our bottled water customers, and you just can’t put a price on that.